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Shaakar Stands for Accomplishing Dreams Beautifully.

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Shaakar - Construction Agency

"SHAAKAR", the name itself shows a Visionary, a daydreamer, a desire satisfactory. SHAAKAR BUILD SERVICES believe in quote "Stand for accomplishing dream successfully", this quote alone not prove the Vision or the Goal of SHAAKAR BUILD SERVICES, but, the successful track records and achievement and future plans shows the quote at the right place. We have grown from small civil contract firm to leading name for big league turnkey projects. Future holds loads of surprises but surely the company is very on its path to transcending dream into life.

SHAAKAR BUILS SERVICES is managed by very experienced with dynamic and intellectual persons from the field of construction line. Since 1998 based on clear goal set we are undertaking the project with relentless commitment towards our work helps us maximum clients' satisfaction and managing the project on one to one policy (On Project at one time, handled by highly experienced partners). Par Excellence workmanship and completing project before the time bound is in our nature. All we do to cater to the needs of the corporate clients from diverse area like Construction of Shed as per the requirement of Clients, building the Petrol Pump, building the colony, and especially the core competence in building the Spinning mill, and turnkey projects are the core part. Creativity and intelligence in a dynamic manner is what we do and like to do at all times to increase the efficiency and utilize scarce resources for optimum utilization. Strengths of our organization are things to experience which will show our insight and understanding of each requirement. Our commitment to Excel in Client Service ensures all our existing clients use our services repeatedly and attract new ones for a continuing long term trusting relationships. The trust and commitment to the clients enable us to optimize the clients' needs. Our pride comes in partnering up with the clients and effectively assuming their problems and challenges as our own. Ultimately, the goal of satisfaction of our clients is the main motto.

Growth Strategy

  • Diversify and expand into new functional areas
  • Continue our focus on EPC contracts as well as increase penetration in BOT and OMT projects
  • Maintain performance and competitiveness of existing business;
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with our clients and strategic partners
  • Strengthen systems and internal processes.

Our Vision

  • Functioning requirement of civil work and making it possible by using best available form is all we do. Our Entity is free for every complex form in civil contract field. Whether we build, it should inspired by omnipotent vision. We have over 20 people (Excluding laborer, over 400 people) are working under this tag of entity having each have a pride that they are being part of this organization. At our working place - we produce Excellence in terms of client satisfaction as well as quality assurance. We have natural path to go ahead with our fair approach.